Good for Nothing

1 Kings 9:10-14

Solomon racked up debt because of the palace. This can only be inferred from the story – but the “however” in 7:1 screams injustice. Like his father, David, he spent lavishly on himself. I suppose it’s a king’s right – maybe duty – to have the best. However, in the sin of building cedar palaces for themselves, God displayed his glory. That’s his right as King of the universe. God’s glory is shown superlative by Solomon’s selfishness.

I couldn’t help but notice how Hiram devalues these 20 towns. No doubt they were worthless. Despite the majesty of Solomon’s reign, Israel was, essentially, trash. Only in the hand of God did they have worth. In the service of pagan kings and gods, we are kindling. In God’s hands we are gold.

We shouldn’t, therefore, throw our pearls to pigs, or they’ll trample them under their feet. But don’t look too long at Hiram. It begins with Solomon devaluing the cities of Israel – are God’s people things to be bartered? Has God given me his Word, time, life, money and health to be wisely governed only to have me value and trade them as currency?

How often do I read the word of God, then close the book and sell an hour or four of my life to idleness and idolatry? Am I not a burning stick snatched from fire? Lord, teach me to number my days that I might gain a heart of wisdom.

~ by bradybush on November 15, 2009.

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